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504 Loan Program - small group

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How to Apply

Although the loan process is neither lengthy nor complicated, the borrower or small business concern (SBC) will be required to provide documentation to enable the MADCO Board of Directors to evaluate the credit worthiness of the loan application. A copy of the 2019 loan application checklist is provided here. SBA Loan Application Checklist

The SBA 504 program may be the financing solution you're looking for. All required forms are available at the office of Metro Area Development Corporation, 4200 N Lindsay Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105. Phone (405) 424-5181; FAX (405) 424-1781. Forms may also be downloaded from the U.S. Small Business Administration website at


Metro Area Development Corporation 6412 North Sante Fe Ave., Suite C Oklahoma City, OK 73116
405-424-5181 .. fax 405-424-1781



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